Find Suppliers of Sayer Dates


The Middle East and the areas around the Persian Gulf are the source of Sayer dates. If you wish to have the sweetest kinds of dates, then it is Iranian Sayer Dates with 75% of sugar content. The Iranian exporters favor these dates as many European nations are their permanent clienteles. These dates are not like other semi-dried dates. They can be preserved without refrigeration in normal temperature for 18 months. The solidity and sensible prices make Sayer dates easily exportable to all the parts of the world.

Benefits of Sayer Dates

The antioxidant properties of Sayer dates have made them reliable for fighting against cancer.  The magnesium content of the dates helps improve the gastrointestinal work and better digestion. The higher amount of iron content in this species of dates helps people, especially womenfolk, to compensate iron deficiencies. The Iranian Sayer dates prove to be pleasantly sweet and energetic. After their workout sessions, athletes and sportspersons derive maximum energy out of these dates.

Zinc and magnesium contents of the dates are beneficial to regulate the blood sugar, even in type 2 diabetes.

Consuming dates for 30 days, a few days before child birth, makes it easier to deliver a child birth. It is not all; after pregnancy, women find it easy to regain their lost health and weight.

Nutrition value of Sayer dates

100-gram servings of nutrients possess following nutrients:

  • Fiber:7
  • Protein:2
  • Potassium:20% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 14%
  • Iron:5%
  • Manganese:15%
  • Calories:277
  • Copper:18%
  • Vitamin B6:12%
  • Carbs:¬†75 grams

Color and shape of Sayer dates

Oval in shape, this semi-dried date is dark brown in color and 3-4 cm in length. It weighs nearly 6-8 gm and available in three kinds: core, chopped and pitted.

Iranian Sayer dates variety

All the countries according to their target market acquire and imports several sayer dates from Iran. Irrespective of their size and weight, these dates are certainly of high quality.

In the Sayer dates markets in Iran, this crop is classified by weight and number as follows:

  • AA grade: When 75 Sayer dates weigh 455 grams
  • A grade: When 75-80 dates weigh 455 grams
  • B-grade: When 80 to 90 dates weigh 455 grams
  • GIQ: When 90 to 110 weighs 455 grams
  • FAQ: When 110 dates weigh 455 grams

Sayer dates cost

The quality and the kinds determine the prices of the Sayer dates. In addition, there are other factors that are effective in determining the price of the date. Of all these factors, the most important ones include:

  • demand for buying and selling
  • quality of product
  • type of packaging
  • load after processing
  • harvesting area

Most of the exporters prefer Iranian Sayer Dates for their overseas business because of the following reasons:

  • Greater durability
  • Customer-friendly look and feel
  • Stress-free storage conditions
  • Easier transportation terms
  • Reasonable prices

From loose mixture of dried fruit to pastry, dates have been chief components for years. Some historians claim this fruit as the oldest cultivated fruit in the world; dates played a significant stand in a number of pre-historic empires and faiths. Even today, the dates of any kind including Sayer dates have not lost their importance.