Chiropractic, Children And Healthy Eating

October 24, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy, healthy food


Benefits of date juice:


Date juice is a suitable substitute for refined sweeteners. On the other hand, this material has a very high nutritional value.

The natural iron in date juice increases red blood cells and thus reduces the risk of anemia and cures anemia.

In addition to iron, it is rich in potassium and manganese.

Consuming it in the morning with breakfast or lukewarm milk activates nerve cells.

Date juice relieves rheumatic pains.

It is easily digested and energizing.

It relieves digestive discomfort and creates beneficial bacteria colonies in the intestines.

The fiber in it prevents constipation.

Strengthens the heart.

It is rich in calcium, so it is useful for strengthening bones.

It is useful for strengthening vision.

Removes toxins from the liver.

It is useful for treating sore throat, fever and cold.

Date juice is recommended for pregnant women due to its iron, calcium and nutrients.


Cautions in consuming date juice:


Due to the presence of natural sugars, date juice is less harmful for diabetic patients, but its consumption is not recommended for these patients.

Since all types of juice are very sweet and high in calories, we advise overweight or obese people and those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides to consume this food with caution. If they can avoid consuming juice, it is better, but if they cannot completely remove it from their diet because of their strong interest in this sweet food, they should limit the consumption of juice.

In many cases, the person himself does not know why his weight increases even though he does not eat much food; One of the reasons is weight gain by consuming a small amount of high-calorie foods on a regular basis.

Consuming a mixture of juice and arde, both of which are warm in nature, causes their bile to thicken for hot-tempered people, and the result is boils on their face and body, the cure for which is to eat fresh fruits with cold nature.

Be aware that apart from being an energy source, this substance also has a high percentage of calories, and if you are a sedentary person who doesn’t take regular walks or exercise for more than 20 minutes a day, know that eating this nutrient will definitely lead to obesity and complications. It will wait for you.

Finally, I must remind that even healthy people who have a normal weight should keep the juice in moderation.