High Quality Arabica Dates

October 4, 2021 , Sayer Dates

Sayer dates are a great source of dietary fiber. This is an added bonus as they are also a rich source of vitamins A,C & E which are excellent nutrients for a balanced diet. Sayer dates are derived from the fruits of the Sun-dried palm tree. This is an exotic palm that grows in the Indian subcontinent.

These date varieties from India are processed using the traditional methods of winemaking which involves racking, filtering, purifying and filtering. The processing methods are important since the shelf life of the date is about two months and you need to store them for this period of time without spoiling. Winemakers use these dates for producing date syrup for preparing bakery items and desserts in the world. The specialty of this type of dry fruits is that they have very good shelf life, are low in sugar and do not go bad quickly.

Sayer dates are available in five kg boxes or jars with a paper cover. The quality of the date fruit is enhanced by proper storage conditions in glass jars with a airtight lid. The best storage conditions include storing in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, and being stored in an area that is dark and has no fluctuation in temperature. These are used in India for many years and are a popular variety of palm wine or dessert wine. This variety has a very long shelf life which goes more than twenty years without spoiling and is ideal for the food enthusiast who has limited storage conditions.

The production of this variety of Indian palm dates is done using special techniques like solvent extraction and solvent washing. Solvent extraction methods extract the water from the date fruit using high pressure and high heat. The process of solvent washing removes most of the water and sugar from the said fruit keeping the quality of the said fruit intact. The semi-dry state of the said product makes it ideal for prolonged storage and does not loose its flavor after being exposed to moisture.

This super select also offers some benefits. It is lighter in weight than the regular grade saffron. This means that it can be used easily in cooking. It is also lower in price than the regular saffron coated dates. This super select also offers a longer shelf life than regular saffron. This means that the consumer will get more value for their money because it lasts longer.

The processing of Sayer dates also ensures that the nutrients are removed during the refining process. There is no loss of vitamins and other nutrients during the refining process. In fact, the nutritional content of this highly refined Arabic gem is better than that of the regular grade saffron and it has more antioxidants than the regular saffron. This is because the process of refining Sayer dates enhances the antioxidant potency of the raw form of this highly refined gem.

The high quality of Sayer dates makes it ideal for use in cooking. The sweetness of the gem and its delicious aroma tempts the taste buds to taste the said fruit. This tempts many to try the said fruit, which is mostly enjoyed during the summer months. The summer season is when people tend to enjoy eating dates due to its high sugar content, which is why it is included in many recipes.

The quality of Sayer dates is enhanced even further by the method of exportation. A large amount of dates is needed to create these gems, which is why the export of these gems is high in quantity. When these dates are shipped in smaller quantities, it makes them cost cheaper than other types of dates due to its cheap labor cost. The high-quality of Sayer dates also contributes to its high price, which is understandable considering its great taste, which can only be surpassed by the high priced gourmet ingredients. So, what are you waiting for?