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October 28, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy, healthy food

fresh dates

Soft dates spoil sooner due to juice and moisture, their taste and color become sour and change. For this reason, put soft and moist dates in a covered container in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 to 8 degrees Celsius. It is better within a week. be eaten, so as not to change their properties. But there is no problem in the refrigerator for a month. If you have sugar, heat it and consume it.


Storage of dry dates

Dry and semi-dry dates have a long shelf life and can be stored for up to one year at kitchen temperature, away from sunlight and heat. To prevent humidity, put it in a glass container with a lid or a zipped plastic container that has been emptied of air.


How to store dates in the freezer

All types of dates, both fresh and semi-dry, can be stored in the freezer for up to one year to keep them fresh. To freeze, put the dates in a freezer bag, empty it of air and leave some free space for the dates to freeze. Then put it in the coldest part of the freezer. When using, take out the dates 3 hours before so that the ice melts slowly or put them in a container of warm water. In general, due to the abundance of dates at all times and everywhere, it is better to eat dates fresh.


Is it necessary to wash or peel the dates before consumption?

In terms of hygiene, it is necessary to wash dates like any other fruit before consumption. There are all kinds of microorganisms and pollution in the groves. Due to the dust phenomenon that has caused many problems in the western and southwestern regions of the country in recent years, it has become more necessary to wash dates before consumption, so it is recommended to wash dates completely before consumption, but there is no need to separate them. It is not to peel it.


Why do some dates turn sour?

Dates are rich in carbohydrates (sugar substances) and if the conditions for the growth of microorganisms are provided, soft dates, which have more moisture than their dry counterparts, will ferment quickly and have a sour taste and smell. Relatively warm and humid air and the presence of oxygen are necessary for the growth of microorganisms and the fermentation process, and if dates are kept at a low temperature such as in the refrigerator and in closed containers, their ability to be kept will be higher.