Adopt A Healthy, Life Lengthening Diet – Simple But Challenging

October 27, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy, healthy food

Keeping dates in a container with a lid

Store soft and juicy dates in the freezer.

Use containers with lids to store dates in the freezer. These types of containers can be glass or plastic.


Plastic containers can even include plastic ones with lids that you can easily put dates in and close the plastic lid.


Be sure to empty the air from the plastic and when you close the plastic lid, there is no air.

You can open the plastic lid to use and then take the amount of dates from the plastic and then close the plastic lid and put it in the freezer again.


Be sure to put the dates in the coldest part of the freezer because it makes the dates last longer.

The storage time of juicy and soft dates in the freezer is less than that of semi-dry dates, but still, if they are stored in the freezer, the taste and freshness of the dates will definitely be preserved.